06 May 2007

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The 17th episode of The Steve Show featuring another hopeful She-J, Sarah.
Rufus, Harry, She-J Sarah
Cut: N/A


Al Wilson - The Snake
1990s - See You At The Lights
Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City

Rufus's Choice
Jellyfish - Joining A Fan Club

Dr John - Right Place, Wrong Time
World Party - Is It Like Today

She-Jay Sarah's Choice
Life Without Buildings - PS Exclusive

Seduction track
Aqualung - Bright That Sunshine

Rufus Wainwright - Do I Disappoint You?

Hole - Celebrity Skin

Listener track suggestion
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Seven Days Too Long (suggested by Paul Stephenson in Newcastle)

Reverend & The Makers - The Heavyweight Champion of The World
Bird & The Bee - Again & Again

Paul Hartnoll ft Robert Smith - Please
Belle And Sebastian - Le Pastie De Le Bourgeouisie

Mr Cover Cover
Kathryn Williams - Birds

Harry's Choice
Josh Haden - Broken Heart

Tindersticks - Rented Rooms (Swing Version)