20 May 2007

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Episode Number:
Total Number:
Steve's 19th show, with another potential She-J.
Harry, Dan, She-J Hope Eternal


Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window
Ryan Adams - Two

Dan's Choice
The Free Design - A Hit Song

Boo Radleys - Barney (And Me)

Trojan Weekend Track
The Rulers - The Wrong Embryo
(chosen by Andy Weatherall)

Libertines - Don't Look Back To The Sun

She Jay Hope Eternal's Choice
Sundae Club - Stuff

Example - I Don't Want To
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free
The Enemy - Had Enough

Webb Brothers - I Can't Believe You're Gone

Listener Choice (Danielle in Brighton)
The Dears - You And I Are A Gang of Lovers

Seduction Selection
Julie London - How Long Has This Been Going On

Rappin' 4 Tay - Playaz Club

Harry's Choice
Heavy Trash - Dark Hair'd Rider

Mr Cover Cover
Aztec Camera - Jump

Labbi Siffre - I Got The...