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Name Ben
Job Role Unknown, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 14
Portrayed by Ben Bradshaw

Ben was an employee at the Slough office of Wernham Hogg.


Series 1

Boss David Brent introduces the staff to his lodger Donna and tells them to keep their hands off her and that her father is a copper. The staff respond with police-based sexual innuendoes, Ben offers up the controversial "I'd like to escape up her tunnel!" which leads David Brent to tell him to get out. From this Ben learnt that her tunnel should not be bandied around the office willy nilly. (Work Experience)

Ben was reassured by David Brent that he would not lose his job, however he still went on camera to claim that David Brent had sold them all out. (Judgement)

Series 2

Ben joined in with David, Gareth and Tim singing Ma Na Na Na. (Merger)

On Red Nose Day, Ben was de-pantsed live on camera by his colleagues, yelling that his family would likely see this. (Charity)

Christmas Specials


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