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Chris Moyles (born February 22, 1974) is an English broadcaster. He is best known for formerly hosting the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, entitled The Chris Moyles Show.

Chris is the subject of derision and, at times, disgust on the part of Ricky and Steve who view him and his radio methodology as conventional and derivative. On one particular occasion Steve commented that Moyles was 'fat and talentless', and when Ricky and Steve held a poll to find out who Xfm listeners hated, Chris Moyles was the clear winner. Steve would later make an appearance on Chris Moyles' show to promote Life's Too Short, during which Moyles confronted Steve about the 'who do you hate' poll. Steve explained that there was initial animosity between the two shows, as a skit from the early days of Ricky and Steve was followed up by Moyles commenting "Three words for that: Hale and Pace".

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