Dawn Tinsley

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Dawn Tinsley
Name Dawn Tinsley
Job Receptionist, Wernham Hogg
First Episode
Last Episode
Episode count 14
Portrayed by Lucy Davis

Dawn Tinsley is a character in the BBC sitcom The Office, played by Lucy Davis. She is a receptionist for paper merchants Wernham Hogg and is engaged to warehouse worker Lee, a dour man with a poor a sense of humour and not much personality.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Despite her engagement, Dawn has feelings for senior sales representative Tim Canterbury who is in love with her.

She resigns towards the end of the second series to move with fiancé Lee to Florida to stay with Lee's sister's family.

Her story continues in the Christmas specials where she and Lee are living a dead-end existence in Florida, both as illegal aliens since they aren't American citizens and barely making ends meet.
Dawn looks on as Brent gives a "motivational" talk
She and Lee visit Slough during the documentary and ultimately Dawn decides to leave her boorish fiancé for the man who loves her dearly. Ultimately she is swayed by Tim's encouragement to her to hold onto her dream of becoming a children's book illustrator, an ambition which Lee sought to put down at every opportunity.

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