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Name Donna
Job Work Experience, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Work Experience
Last Episode Judgement
Episode count 5
Portrayed by Sally Bretton

Donna, the daughter of David Brent's "best friend"s, briefly lodged with David who felt she was his responsibility and soon began a relationship with Ricky Howard.


Donna was born to Ron and Elaine. Ron was a policeman, as well as "a big bugger" according to David Brent. (Work Experience)

She has also used e-mail before. (Work Experience)

Season 1

While staying with David, Donna began work experience at Wernham Hogg's Slough Branch, David introduced her to the rest of the staff during a meeting, and insisted they keep their hands off and to be worried because her father is a policeman, which resulted in a few members of staff responding with sexual innuendoes and puns. When one member of staff said he "wouldn't mind escaping up her tunnel", Brent told him to get out stating he does not want to hear of "her tunnel" being bandied around the office. (Work Experience)

David asked the staff to help her settle in and if she has any trouble from the men, she should do as Dawn Tinsley suggests and "kick 'em in the balls". (Work Experience)

Later, David introduced her to Gareth Keenan, Tim Canterbury and Ricky Howard and asked them to help her settle in. Gareth suggested that maybe she should sit next to him so he could show her the ropes, however both David and Donna had left to get a chair ignoring Gareth's suggestion. (Work Experience)

Later, when David was giving Donna a tour of the office, Gareth attempted to persuade David again but David was distracted by Gareth's portable phone holster. Only moments later, while showing Donna the office computers and their e-mail capabilities, David discovered the staff were circulating a pornographic image of himself and two women which Donna found amusing. David felt that Donna should not have to see this type of filth. (Work Experience)

Donna later joined in discussing Michael Jackson's dancing with Tim and Ricky, and later David Brent, who began making jokes. Donna was soon called into an interrogation being spearheaded by Gareth Keenan, however instead of being interrogated, Gareth tried to convince Donna that he was a strong and sensitive man. Donna grew tired and asked Gareth to get to the point. (Work Experience)

Donna attended the training session with the rest of the staff. During the lunch break, she spoke to Dawn Tinsley who had recently had an argument with her fiancé Lee. Believing she had been dumped, Donna reassured her that they could find her a new fella, but Dawn didn't want a new fella and was adamant that it was just an argument. (Training)

Donna arrives late for work, which is noted by both Gareth and David. When David points out she stayed out all night, she points out she was at a man's house and pointed out there was a lot of sex. David asks if it was someone in the office, which Donna blurts out that it was someone from the office. (New Girl)

Gareth teaches Donna how to safely lift a box. (New Girl)
Later, Gareth made Donna attend a Health and Safety seminar held by him where she was the only person there. However, it seemed the whole seminar may have been a cover for Gareth to find out who Donna had been sleeping with. When he asked her, she left the room. (New Girl)

That evening at Chasers, Finchy tried to flirt with Donna but was interupted by Ricky, who was revealed as the man she was involved with. David reacted to this negatively because Ricky is only a temp and he'd prefer if she had chosen Gareth. (New Girl)

Donna asked Gareth if he could stop using a paper shredder because it's loud volume was annoying her and other members of staff. Gareth complied by sarcastically pointing out it would be easier if he just tore it with his hands. (Judgement)

Before leaving, Donna and Ricky congratulated Brent for doing a nice thing by not taking a promotion that would result in most his staff losing their jobs, Brent with disdain for Donna and Ricky's relationship. (Judgement)


  • Donna's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 5.
    • In one of these appearances, in The Quiz, she has no lines.
  • Donna's parents share the same first names as the parents of Stephen Merchant
  • She thinks "Schindler's List" is a brilliant film.
  • She received an "A" from Gareth Keenan for her Health and Safety awareness.
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