Ipswich Prostitute Joke

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The Ipswich prostitute joke was a controversal joke performed by Ricky Gervais during his Fame tour, which landed him in trouble.

The joke was about how people will do anything to become famous, and Gervais said that if you want to become famous you should, "Go out and kill a prostitute," later adding, "I won’t do that bit in Ipswich."

However, when performing this joke in front of an audience in Glasgow, Scotland, the audience was shocked. One of the problems with the joke was due to the recent murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich in late 2006. Jim Duell, father of one of the victims, Tania Nicol, said, "These days they want to make a joke out of anything. I feel he's just being uncaring, quite honestly."

Gervais has said however, that he was referring to a previous incident that happened five years before. He said, "I do want people to know that that happened five years ago and is not related to anything now."

He also said, "That is the problem with comedy, a joke that is funny today can be a terrible faux pas tomorrow."

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