Jennifer Taylor Clarke

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Jennifer Taylor-Clarke
Name Jennifer Taylor-Clarke
Job Executive, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 11
Portrayed by Stirling Gallacher

Jennifer Taylor-Clarke is David Brent's supervisor at Wernham Hogg and visits the office a few times a week. She is regularly disappointed at the state of the workplace and of Brent himself. A cold character with a "loaded" husband, she, along with Neil eventually relieve Brent of his job, despite his pleading.


Series 1

Jennifer arrives at the Slough branch to have a meeting with David Brent about the proposed merger of the Slough and Swindon branches. Brent pointed out that he did not receive an agenda, which Dawn Tinsley rectifies pointing out that he put it in the bin while making a joke. Jennifer told David that he or Neil would have to convince her that their branch could incorporate the other and that redundancies must be made. Jennifer asked David if they could keep a lid on the news, however the rest of the staff almost immediately found out. (Downsize)

Jennifer arrived at the Office as David and Tim Canterbury were dancing, which David claimed was to "keep up morale". David retrieved to his office with Jennifer to discuss if David had made any changes as he had promised her earlier. David, having not changed a thing, attempted to lie his way out of the situation claiming he had made several changes and had even started making redundancies; firing a Warehouse worker called "Julie Anterton". (Work Experience)

David took Jennifer to the warehouse, where Jennifer appeared worried by the amount of stock and the amount of staff present. Jennifer told the foreman, Glynn, that he would be losing a lot more staff than just Julie who Glynn points out he's never heard of before. Jennifer realises David has lied to him, to which Glynn tells her to take it upstairs because he's busy watching a video of dog's having sex. When Jennifer points out he's not busy, Glynn begins making comments about the concept of Jennifer having sex with his dog. (Work Experience)

Jennifer retreated to David's office where she complained about the warehouse's lack of respect, however the meeting was cut short by Gareth Keenan arriving to accuse Tim Canterbury of creating and distributing a pornographic image featuring David throughout the office. When Gareth also pointed out that Glynn had phoned him to tell David that there's another funny video he should see, Jennifer becomes annoyed by the attitude of the staff and their seedy little jokes and claims David doesn't have the guts to do his job. David responds by going out and displining Tim in front of Jennifer and the rest of the staff for having made the dirty image, Tim responds by pointing out that Chris Finch actually did it. Jennifer insisted David apologise to Tim and fire Chris Finch, David said an insincere "sorry" and then rang up Chris Finch and fired him, however Jennifer put it on speaker to reveal David was talking to Accurist's talking clock. Jennifer called David "pathetic" and left. (Work Experience)

She is made a partner of Wernham Hogg and the vacancy she leaves is filled by Neil Godwin. Initially David Brent was supposed to take the job, but he failed the medical because of high blood pressure something Brent claims to have faked to prevent the closure of the Slough office. (Judgement)

Series 2

Jennifer returned to oversee the transition involved with the merging of the two branches, one member of staff reported David Brent to her for having told a racist joke. (Merger)

Christmas Specials


  • She appears in Christmas Special Part 2, however, has no lines.
    • On a side note, actress Stirling Gallacher's real life pregnancy was hidden from view.

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