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Name Joan
Job Cleaner, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Work Experience
Last Episode The Quiz
Episode count 2
Portrayed by Yvonne D'Alpra

Joan was a cleaner of the Wernham Hogg Slough office.


Season 1

Joan was cleaning the office when David Brent discovered the staff had being circulating a pornographic image of him. When David asked who had seen it, Joan raised her hand. David inquired how she could have possibly seen it because she doesn't have e-mail to which she revealed someone printed it out for her. When David asked the staff who printed it out, they all claim to have. (Work Experience)

Joan was one of the first ones in to work and was surprised to see Tim Canterbury also there. She asked if he was in early because he shat the bed, to which Tim pointed out it was his birthday and his mum woke him up early to get him a present, which was a novelty hat with a built in radio. She asks what the present was, despite Tim clearly wearing the hat. (The Quiz)


  • Joan also featured in The Office Pilot, where Tim and Dawn try to convince her to ask Gareth if he saw the film "Gaylords Say No". She can't grasp it and refers to the film simply as "Gaylords".
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