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Name Lee
Job Warehouse Staff
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 13
Portrayed by Joel Beckett

Lee is Dawn Tinsley's fiancé. He works downstairs in the paper warehouse of Wernham Hogg. Lee has a working class background, and his treatment of Dawn is boorish and, at times, harsh.


Lee proposed to Dawn on Valentines Day 1998. He didn't do it face-to-face instead he had a message printed in the paper reading "Lee love Dawn, Marriage?". (Training)

Series 1

Lee went up to the Office to collect Dawn after work, Dawn wanted to go for a drinks with her colleagues but Lee insisted on them leaving. When Tim Canterbury told him he should join them, Lee replied that he and Dawn had to go. Dawn left Tim and Lee alone while she ran a final errand, which led to an uncomfortable silence between the two. Tim asked what was in Lee's bag, which led to Lee deciding he would wait outside. (Downsize)

Lee later watched a video of his dog having sex with his colleague Glynn's dog while at work. (Work Experience)

Tim receives his birthday present. (The Quiz)

On Tim's 30th birthday, Lee and Dawn bought him a huge inflatable cock. David Brent and Gareth Keenan soon came over and began making countless knob-based puns. Lee was also present as a witness to David starting the phrase; "I'm not saying he's unlucky but if he fell into a barrell of tits he'd come out sucking his thumb." (The Quiz)

Later on Lee and Dawn are discussing their wedding with Tim and Jamie. Lee has no intention of it being a flashy wedding and intends to just get married at the registry office. He also discusses their plans for the future; moving in with his mum for a while and letting Dawn have a few kids and getting a part-time cleaning job. When Dawn makes a joke about this, Tim laughs which Lee responds to by pointing out that Tim should get a life before he starts taking the mickey out of theirs. (The Quiz)

Lee attends the annual quiz night, and later is the one to suggest Chris Finch throws Tim's shoes over the building. (The Quiz)

Lee and Dawn reunite. (Training)
Some time later, Lee and Dawn got into a fight and very temporarily broke up. They worked things out in a few hours, however Tim did not realise this and asked Dawn out in front of everyone. (Training)

Lee attends the office party with Dawn, where he confronts Tim about having asked her out previously. Tim states that he meant as a friend, but Lee reveals he's not that bothered and is just winding him up. (Judgement)

Series 2

Lee walked in on Tim and Dawn playfully dancing, which led to Lee pushing Tim against a wall in anger. (Merger)

The next day, Lee apologised and bought Tim a bottle of wine as a gift. Gareth reassured Lee that nothing was going on between Tim and Dawn because he had been watching them like a hawk. Lee didn't seem to care for what Gareth had to say. (Appraisals)

Christmas Specials


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