Life's Too Short FAQ

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Q: So what is Life's Too Short then?
A: It's the brand new sitcom written and directed by Steve Merchant and Ricky Gervais, being filmed in the summer of 2011 for broadcast later in the year.

Q: Are the boys also starring in the show?
A: They will be appearing, playing fictionalized versions of themselves, however the star of the program will be Warwick Davis.

Q: Who he?
A: Warwick is an English actor best known for his roles in the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Leprechaun franchises; his other credits include Willow, Labyrinth, Ray, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He also played himself in the Daniel Radcliffe episode of Extras, which saw him kneed in the face by fat TV bully Andy Millman.

Q: Ah, the little fella?
Umm... yes. Although short in stature, Warwick's appearances in some of the biggest movie franchises ever have actually made him one of the highest grossing British actors of all time.

Q: Who else is in the cast?
Though several actors have been rumoured, the only other confirmed part is a cameo for megastar and British comedy fan Johnny Depp.

Q: What's the show about then?
The show follows Warwick's trials and tribulations in showbusiness as he combines an acting career with running an agency for little and large actors.

Q: Life's Too Short, that's a pun isn't it? Aren't puns the reason Ricky hates Shakespeare?
Yes it is a pun, but it's because the boys have returned to the format that helped propel them to success ten years ago: the mockumentary. The title is typical of the type of celebrity-driven reality show that is now pervasive on television, such as Keeping up with the Kardashians or Peter Andre: The Next Chapter.

Q: Where will I be able to see this show?
It's a BBC/HBO co-production and will be shown on both channels this Autumn (or Fall if you're that way inclined).

Q: Sounds great! One more thing, am I supposed to say midget or dwarf?
The correct term is dwarf, midget is considered derogatory, though they never had the same meaning anyway.

Q: What's the difference?
A dwarf is someone who has disproportionately short arms and legs. A midget is still a dwarf but their arms and legs are in proportion.

Q: How comes you know so much about midgets?
A: It's called an education.