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Maggie Jacobs is a fictional actor portrayed by Ashley Jensen on the BBC/HBO television comedy series Extras, written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. In the series, Maggie is fellow extra and best friend of main character Andy Millman (who is portrayed by Gervais), and frequently works with him on many productions.

Maggie is characterised as a genuinely sweet and well-meaning individual who only wants to help out. Unfortunately for her and those around her, she is also rather socially inept and lacks any sort of internal censor or tact, which means that she's likely to say precisely the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person, creating more trouble for herself and those around her. This especially afflicts Andy, whom she frequently embarrasses by inadvertently puncturing his pretensions towards being an actor. Although Maggie possesses no malicious intent, she also appears to be rather naive and ill-informed when it comes to matters of race and political correctness. This, coupled with her general tactlessness, frequently results in her causing genuine offense through inadvertent insults and stereotypes (in this sense, she calls to mind another well-known Gervais / Merchant character, David Brent).

Throughout the series, Maggie is constantly on the lookout for 'Mr. Right'. However, owing to circumstance and her aforementioned tendency to commit social faux-pas, the relationships she starts with men throughout the series rarely last long.

It has been suggested that elements of Maggie's character also resemble or may be taken from that of Karl Pilkington's.