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a.k.a. Kojak
Name Malcolm
Job Unknown Role, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Judgement
Episode count 6
Portrayed by Robin Hooper

Malcolm is an older staff member, he is naturally most worried about the prospect of redundancies and therefore often challenges David Brent's handling of the situation, criticizing his relaxed attitude, his lack of management ability and several incidents, such as hiring a personal secretary when the office is facing redundancies.


Series 1

Malcolm was very worried about the prospect of being made redundant and confronted David about it. (Downsize)

Malcolm, again, confronted David Brent about the prospect of being made redundant in a staff meeting, where David reassured Malcolm and the rest of the staff that nobody would lose their jobs. Malcolm was skeptical, but David asked Malcolm to rely on his trust of David. (Work Experience)

Malcolm was also critical of David's response to finding out that Chris Finch was responsible for a pornographic image distributed among the office that David no longer saw it offensive or fit to punish Chris. (Work Experience)

Malcolm formed a quiz team with Dennis called "Malcolm and Dennis" who came in 3rd place in the annual quiz. (The Quiz)

Malcolm attended the training session with the rest of the staff. (Training)

"Who loves ya baby?" (Judgement)

David introduced Malcolm to his newly hired secretary Karen Roper, Malcolm questioned why David would see it fit to hire a new member of staff when many of them are likely to be made redundant. David dodged the question and instead opted to point out to Karen that they all call him Kojak, but not to his face. Malcolm, still concerned, asked when he would find out if he had lost his job to which David told him Jennifer would be coming in later on with the final verdict. (Judgement)

Immediately after the meeting, Malcolm and the rest of the staff approached David to ask him what the outcome was. While David initially tried to hide in his office from him, he had to come clean and tell them the branch was being downsized but tried to make them look at the more positive note that he had being promoted. When Malcolm points out David's promotion is irrelevant because they're all going to lose their jobs. David reassured members of the staff, individually, that they wouldn't lose their jobs but when he came to Malcolm he did no such thing. (Judgement)

When Brent revealed to the Office he had turned the promotion down in favour of them saving their jobs, Malcolm confronted Brent in a hallway that he had being told that Brent didn't get the job because he failed the medical on account of high blood pressure. Brent suggested that he cheated science and forced himself to have high blood pressure in order for him to not get the job. (Judgement)

Series 2

When David was discussing how nicknames were bad, a member of staff pointed out David used to call Malcolm "Kojak" to which Brent pointed out that was affectionate and that Kojak was a great detective and a fine actor. (Motivation)


  • Malcolm's episode count is 6.
  • Malcolm did not appear in Series 2. It is more than likely he was made redundant and Brent kept his promise of not saving Malcolm's job for his consistent antagonism throughout the series.
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