Martin Freeman

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Martin Freeman

Date of Birth 08 September 1971
Place of Birth Aldershot, Hampshire
Education Central School of Speech and Drama
Occupation Actor
Partner Amanda Abbington
Parents Geoff and Philomena Norris
Children Joe

Martin Freeman, born 8th September 1971, is an English actor who played Tim Canterbury in The Office.


One of Martin's first major roles in The Office, in which he portrayed an Everyman struggling with his own ambitions versus his own apathy.

Martin's film career began with a role in Ali G In Da House, where he played the part of Ricky C, one of Ali G's West Staines Massive. In this he has a humourous exchange with Ali over who gets to be Mr T, resorting to some very bad impressions of 'I pity the fool!'

Freeman's biggest role in film to date was in 2005's film adaptation of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He plays the main character Arthur Dent, one of the last two remaining humans from planet Earth after it is destroyed by the Vogons to make way for a hyperspace highway.

Ricky, Steve, and Karl

He was apparently a fan of Ricky and Steve's radio show and Karl. Karl claims Martin was a fan of Rockbusters. Ricky noted that he frequently defends Karl on various issues including the time he answered "egg" in a game of "name an animal"

Freeman and his girlfriend Amanda Abbington have filled in for Stephen Merchant on his 6 Music radio show when Steve has been away.

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