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April 2007

Tuesday 17 April

  • Taxi for Mr Merchant Steve's Radio 4 tribute to American sitcom Taxi. Stream it from here.

January 2007

Tuesday 30 January

  • 60 Second Interview Ricky discusses animal welfare and more with The Metro.

December 2006

Tuesday 12 December

News extras 3.jpg
  • Extras Series 3? The forum's buzzing with speculations that there will be a third series of Extras, and that everyone's favorite Nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger is due to guest star. Discuss it on our forum.
News gervais radio2.jpg
  • Ricky on Radio 2 Ricky Gervais felt a little jealous, so he too appeared on Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Download here, talk about it here.

Thursday 07 December

News merchant radio2.jpg
  • Steve on Radio 2 Stephen Merchant was a guest on Steve Wright's radio show, today at 14:00 GMT. Download it here, talk about it here.

Monday 04 December

News Cultureshow.jpg
  • Karl Gets Cultural A new animation, or "Podtoon", was premiered on Saturday's The Culture Show. Karl was also interviewed by his old Xfm colleague Lauren Laverne. Download it here, talk about it here.

Friday 01 December

News ChristoperGuest.jpg
  • David Brent Meets Nigel Tufnell Ricky continues his occasional series of interviews with comedian, writer, director and aristocrat Christopher Guest. The show goes out on Christmas Day on Channel 4. Talk about it here.
News Theoffice US.jpg
  • Back in 'The Office' Last night's episode of The Office (US) had its creators Ricky and Steve on script duty. Called 'The Convict', it saw Michael Scott getting in knots about a black employee with a criminal record. See what everyone thought about it, here.

November 2006

Smerch 6Music1.jpg

Thursday 30 November

  • Radio Smerch On 14 January 2007 Steve will be hosting a new radio show on BBC 6Music. It will run every Sunday, 3 to 5pm. Steve says, "it will be all about the music but obviously if things are not working, I'll just stick on C'mon Eileen." More info here, talk about it here.

Sunday 26 November

News Karl TheTimes.jpg
  • It was the best of The Times... The K Man is in The Sunday Times magazine with a sentimental interview about his childhood. Read it here, See a scan of it here, and talk about it here.

Friday 24 November

News Smerch BDay.jpg

Thursday 23 November

  • The Podfather, Part 2 - Out Now The second of the three free podcasts is out today. Get it from here. See what everyone thinks about it on the forums. (Thurs 23 Oct 2006)
News Cultureshow.jpg
  • Karl's Cartoon Culture On Sat 2 December 2006, BBC 2's The Culture Show will feature "brand-new animation from the mischievous world of Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant." More info here, talk about it here. (Thurs 23 Nov 2006)

Saturday 18 November

News Steve in 24.jpg
  • Steve Cameos in new 24 Smerch has got a cameo in the new series of 24, which starts in January in the US. Ricky's cameo was cut because he's too recognisable. Read about it here, talk about it here. (Sat 18 Nov 2006)

Monday 06 November

Download PaulOGrady.jpg
  • Ricky on The Paul O'Grady Show The Chubby Funster will be flogging more Flanimals and podcasts when he meets everyone's favourite former showbiz tranny at 5pm, Friday 10 Nov on Channel 4. (Mon 06 Nov 2006)

Sunday 05 November

  • Stephen Merchant Interview All eyes are on our goggle-eyed freak in today's Observer magazine. An interesting interview, it captures 6'7" Steve at the height of his fame. Read it here

News Playstation Ads.jpg

Tuesday 01 November

  • Pilkington on PSP Adverts The K Man can currently be heard doing voice overs on adverts for the PSP. Download the ads here and for more info go here

October 2006

News Podfather.jpg

Tuesday 31 October

Monday 23 October

  • Three Free Podcasts! As a 'thank you' to everyone who's supported the first three series of podcasts, Ricky, Steve and Karl are doing three special podcasts; 31 October (Halloween), 23 November (Thanksgiving) and 25 December (Christmas). They'll be available from the Guardian website at this link nearer the time.
News Carla Brown.jpg

Sunday 22 October

  • Stephen Merchant: Playa, respect. If you thought that after acting alongside Robert De Niro Smerch's week couldn't get any better, think again. Playboy model Carla Brown, 23 from Leamington Spa, says he's the star she would most like to have sex with. And all it took was for him to flash his batty on primetime BBC 2. Again, Playa, respect. Watch Carla talk about Steve here

Saturday 21 October

News Guardian Guide.gif
  • Pilkipedia in The Guardian (again) On pg. 31 of The Guide supplement, the 'Internet' page, it says "If you enjoyed Karl Pilkington's bestseller, don't miss"

Thursday 19 October

News Extras2 Ep6.jpg
  • The End of Extras With Ricky and Steve saying they won't be writing a new series, now's the time to judge it. Go to the forum and speak your brains.

Thursday 05 October

News Ricky BBC24.jpg
  • Courting The Press With hours before the 4th episode of Extras, Ricky and Steve have been running around London trying to hock their wares. Ricky's been on This Morning and BBC News 24, and Steve's talked to Danny Baker on BBC London.

September 2006

The US Cover

Tuesday 26 September

Saturday 23 September

  • Happy Birthday Karl The K Man turns 34 today. You can leave you birthday wishes Here

Monday 18 September

  • The World of Karl Pilkington Karl's book is released in the UK today. It's got transcripts from the The Ricky Gervais Show podcast, stories from Karl's childhood, and all illstrations are done by The K Man. Buy it from for less than a fiver.

Wednesday 13 September

  • Telegraph Publish Pilkington Book Excerpts On 17th September the Sunday Torygraph will have exclusive extracts from The World of Karl Pilkington, and a competition to win original K Man drawings.

August 2006

Wossy vs Wicky: Coming Soon

Tuesday 29 August

  • Ricky on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Celebrity bumchums Ricky Gervais and Jonathan Ross will be swapping insults, and maybe animals on BBC1 at 10:35pm on Friday 8th September.

Monday 28 August

  • The Office (US) Wins Emmy The American version of The Office scooped 'Outstanding Comedy Series' at last night's Emmy awards, beating competition from Arrested Development, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Watch it YouTube .

Tuesday 22 August

  • New Podcasts On Sale Today The third series of The Ricky Gervais Show podcast is on sale now. Highlights include Karl talking about a bee having a heart attack. The show is available from and iTunes.

Saturday 19 August

  • Pilkipedia: Gervais' Favourite Website. In anticipation of Podcast Series 3, Ricky Gervais is interviewed in today's The Guardian. Despite mentioning his work with David Bowie on Extras, getting emails from Ben Stiller and acting with Robert De Niro, Gervais mostly talks about Karl Pilkington. "At one point he breaks from the interview to consult his favourite website, Pilkipedia".
Read the article here.

Saturday 19 August

  • The Podcast Returns. The third series of The Ricky Gervais Show podcast starts on Monday 21 August 2006. As with the second series, it will be available through and iTunes.

Saturday 19 August

  • Extras: Series 2 has finally got a broadcast date. The star-stuffed sitcom starts on Thursday 14 September on BBC 2 and sees comedy giant Stephen Merchant reprise his role as incompetant agent Darren Lamb. Go Stevesie!



Video Posted: Steve on Blockbusters
16 September 2007
It's fairly common knowledge that Merchant once appeared as a guest on Blockbusters, but no footage had been available until now. Posted on YouTube by one of his co-competitors is the show itself, with everyone's favourite goggle-eyed freak about 10 years ago. Check it out on Youtube and scream with the forum about it here.


Merchant Gets GQ Gong
06 September 2007
Steve Merchant triumphed at the annual GQ awards, bringing home the award for "Best Comedian" which was won last year by friend and colleague Ricky Gervais, and by Little Britain's Matt Lucas and David Walliams in 2005. The award comes on the back on Merchant's 6music run and infrequent stand-up appearances. For confirmation of his win, go here. Congratulations Smerch.


Merchant Gets Revenge
06 September 2007
Steve Merchant stunned the audience at the GQ Awards (more above) when he kept Elton John waiting on stage while the Office co-writer finished his dessert and sipped his drink. This comes as revenge for the Princess Diana concert, in which John complaining of "technical difficulties" and left Merchant's colleague Ricky Gervais alone on stage for a full 15 mins. Merchant received some cheers and some boos for his actions, which John's spokesperson insisted were "tongue in cheek". Merchant defended his actions by claiming John was "not the f****** Queen". Discuss Smerch's rock and roll antics on the forum.


New Free Podcast Available
05 September 2007
A new full-length podcast featuring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington has been made vailable. Originally, only audience members of Gervais' London shows of his stand-up show Fame were able to get the free podcast, but it was uploaded on our forum completely legally. The podcast features Karl giving his highlight of the year, a film idea, and a taster of his new book Happy Slapped By A Jellyfish.


The Extras Christmas Special
29 October 2007
Is to be released in the United States first. HBO has announced that the feature-length series finale will premiere at 9pm on Sunday 16 December. UK release date not yet announced. What are your thoughts? Share them on the forum.

Meidera cake.JPG

Happy Birthday Karl!
23 September 2007
The K-Man turns 35 years old today! On behalf of Pilkipedia, we wish Karl Pilkington a very happy birthday and an extra-big slice of Madeira cake (have some water with it!) If you want to share your sentiments, you can do so on the forum here.


Ricky Wins Another Emmy
17 September 2007
Congratulations are in order to Mr Gervais himself for picking up the Best Comedy Actor Emmy! Ricky beat Alec Baldwin, Tony Shalhoub, Charlie Sheen, and fellow Office star Steve Carell with this award. Way to go Ricky! Share your congrats here or download the video of his hilarious award announcement here. Congrats also to Greg Daniels for his Emmy for Best Writer in a Comedy Series for the US version of The Office!

News satisfiedfool.jpg

Karl Pilkington: Satisfied Fool
22 October 2007
Tonight sees Karl's long-awaited TV show, Karl Pilkington: Satisfied Fool broadcast on Channel 4 at 11.05pm. This light-hearted documentary has Karl tackling epistemology and interviewing Germaine Greer, Will Self and David Icke about the value of knowledge. Watch the trailer: here, talk about it on the forum.

News happyslappedcover.jpg

Available in all good bookshops (and on the telly)
20 October 2007
Karl's new book Happyslapped by a Jellyfish is out now in the UK (buy it here) and the forum is awash with opinion about the book here. Meanwhile, Karl's appearance on The Culture Show seems he's not comfortable with his exploits into the literary world -watch it here, and see what the forum thought about the show here.


Steve Day in Bristol
24 November 2007
A very happy birthday to Steve Merchant from everyone at Pilkipedia! Our favourite goggle-eyed freak is 33 today and if you'd like to share your festivity greeting with him, join us on the forum here!

Stephen merchant eastenders.jpg

New Old Video/Steve Directing/Ricky Acting
10 November 2007
A rare video of Steve and Ricky dressed up as Frank and Pat Butcher has been YouTubed by an old colleage of Smerch's. Details and links are here. Also this week, Steve was a guest on Danny Baker's BBC London radio show. During the hour long appearance, Steve mentioned that he was going to be in LA directing an episode of The Office but shooting was postponed due to the WGA strike -full details: here. And finally, Ricky is currently shooting Ghost Town in NYC, and was visted by Kirsty Wark -see here


The Extras Christmas Special Debuts in the States
16 December 2007
It's the big day, for the Yanks at least! The Extras finale airs on HBO at 9pm. If you're lucky enough to see it early, join us in all the chatting on our forum. Click here for additional viewing times. The Special will be aired in the UK on BBC One at 9pm on 27th December.


Extras and Gervais Nominated for Golden Globes
13 December 2007
Extras has been nominated for Best Comedy and Ricky for Best Comedy Actor! Congrats to all involved. If you have sentiments to share, you may do so here. The Golden Globes take place 13th January 2008.


Extras! Extras! Read all about it!
6 December 2007
We told you it was Karl in this trailer! A fantastic little doc has been made by Karl about his day on the set of Extras as an extra. You can watch it here and share your thoughts with the forum here!



Ricky Gervais: New Hero of Comedy
22 February 2008
We're awfully proud of Ricky, about whom this special aired tonight at 9pm on C4, highlighting his career and talents, as expressed by the likes of Stephen Merchant, Karl Pilkington, Chris Rock, Christopher Guest, Billy Connolly, Richard Curtis, Russell Brand, and more. Download the show from our storage vault or Sendspace and share your thoughts with the forum as well.


Karl Pilkington on The Culture Show
2 February 2008
Karl's been on the telly again, this time to discuss art. Download the show here and chat with us about it on the forum.

XFM Series 0.JPG

NEW (Old) Xfm Show Now Available!
23 January 2008
A pre-Capital show featuring Ricky and Steve has surfaced from May of 1998! Start downloading immediately here and tell us what you think of it here!

3rd GG.jpg

A 3rd Golden Globe for Ricky and Steve
13 January 2008
Many congrats to Mr Gervais and Mr Merchant for winning "Best Comedy Series" for Extras in the Golden Globes! Chat with us on the forum here, plus Ricky's got an article about it on BBC News entertainment including a cheeky phone call you can listen to.


Ricky's New Blogs
19 March 2008
Ricky has been busy creating two new blogs that directly talk to fans. The first is dedicated to Ricky's latest movie This Side of the Truth. The second gives updates on Karl in an attempt to annoy him into doing more podcasts. See the Pilki page or the forum posts about it for more details. Ricky has also made a videocast speaking about the blogs and his new projects.

Bafta award.jpg

Bafta Nominations
26 March 2008
The full Bafta nominations are in and the Extras Christmas Special has received a solitary nod in the Comedy Performance category for lanky co-writer, Stephen Merchant. Everyone at Pilkipedia wishes Steve the best of luck, and with no Ricky "Award Magnet" Gervais in his path, he's sure to storm to victory. This nomination continues the boys' amazing run at the awards, with The Office and Extras accumulating 14 nominations and 7 wins over the past 6 years.


13 April 2008
A bevy of amazing attempts to persuade Karl into doing more podcasts has arisen. Our own Pilkipedians have done their bit, including Scott Hanson and his Orange Crushed video, Simon Bell's song, Olly Kinnill's Karl Wars, Boy in the Bin's How To Wind Up A Manc video and Mark Elliot Cullen's song. Also be sure to check out this Pilkington files cartoon and take part in the hilarious "Mention Karl in a review" efforts on iTunes and Amazon!


Pilkipedia Turns 2
1 April 2008
Break out the congress tarts and soured donuts, because Pilkipedia turns two today. Thanks to all the contributors and forum members over the past two years. Never have so many monkeys, done so much, for so little. Celebrate more in the forum.


Pilkipedia Chat
31 March 2008
Do you enjoy the thrill of the Pilkipedia forums, but hate waiting moments to get a response? Then check out Pilkipedia's IRC channel. The diligent Nish of the forums has set everything up. Check out this thread for information on how to join and for troubleshooting. Plus, as a bonus, if you stay in the chat long enough, you will eventually wind up reading the complete works of Shakespeare!


Gervais Theft Auto
17 April 2008
Ricky Gervais is going to appear in Grand Theft Auto IV as a stand-up comedian in Liberty City's Comedy Club.

Gervais says: "I got to wear a tight lycra suit as part of the digital process, that wasn't so good."

Join the discussion on the forum here.

Group Mainpage.gif

You are joking?!?
16 April 2008
Ricky has said today on his blog that a new podcast may be forthcoming in June, but that it may be the "final show". With Karl apparently moving back to Manchester, this may be the last ever coming together of what was originally known as 'The Holy Trinity of Comedy', share your fears, tears and thoughts on the forum. In happier news after their successful 2007 reunion tour, Shed Seven have released a collection of their greatest singles.


Bit of a Monkey Bonus
23 April 2008
Ricky has made an addition to the final blog, letting us know that Karl has been in touch and has apparently made his peace with the poster campaign and with Ricky. He hasn't ruled out the possibility of a reunion podcast in the future, so for now we'll just have to wait and that.


CONFIRMED: No More Podcasts
21 April 2008
In his 31st and final blog entry, Ricky has today stated Karl has decided against doing another show altogether as his heart is not in it. Ricky has requested an end to the poster/persuasion campaign and thanks the audience for listening. Check out the blog at and mourn with the forum here and here.


Ricky, Steve and Karl to Return for Radio Show
7 May 2008
The Guardian has reported today our three favourite men will be doing a 2- hour radio special next month to help kick off the official launch of the new NME digital station! One fan has already declared "This could be the best news in the world". Read the article here and rejoice with the Pilkipedians here!

NMEradio logo2.jpg

Ricky, Steve and Karl on the radio... TODAY!
9 June 2008
Ricky, Steve and Karl recorded a NEW two hour radio show to help kick off NME's new station. We listened live and of course have the show for you. Download the edited version here the unedited version here. Join us on the forum to share your thoughts!


25 June 2008
Our favourite chubby funster turns forty-se... another year older today and everyone at Pilkipedia wishes him many happy returns and much success in the year to come. Now all that remains is to persuade the authorities to make the 25th June "Ricky Gervais Day" and our work is done, wish Ricky a happy birthday on the forum here.


Karl on The Culture Show -Part 2
10 June 2008
The second part of Karl's trip to the set of Ricky's latest movie This Side of the Truth was shown tonight on BBC Two's The Culture Show. Karl talked more with Rob Lowe and met the brilliant Jeffery Tambor. It can be watched here and downloaded here. Part One can be watched here and downloaded here. And an unbroadcast scene can be viewed on the BBC website. AND Karl has also been seen on the trailers for the show giving in his take on what culture is. Phew.


29 June 2008
In his latest blog, Ricky has shared that indeed, the boys are returning for a new series of podcasts and will begin recording in the autumn. He states it is likely this will be the final series "as we think we've achieved everything we set out to do." Share your ideas, hopes and dreams on the forum.

Ricky Ghost Town News.JPG

Ghost Town Trailer Released
15 July 2008
The trailer for Ricky's first starring role in a movie, as Bertram Pincus in the supernatural rom-com Ghost Town, has been released online on the official Ghost Town website. The film is due for release on 19th September in the United States, and in the United Kingdom a month later. Check out and add to the reaction so far on the forum.


15 August 2008
Do you like funny little cartoons with weird fellas in 'em and clips of Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington playing over them??!?! Cos we've got loads of them, we've got Karl Pilkington and the Nudist by Voynitsky, we've got Froggy Says Buy It by Rory Binks and loads of classic animations in this brilliant thread, all available to watch on YouTube and that, RIBBIT RIBBIT, FROGGY SAYS WATCH 'EM.

Logo RickyGervaisShow 128px.png

We're Never Doing This Again
22 August 2008
An 8 minute preview of the final series of The Ricky Gervais Show has been released on iTunes featuring a clip of Karl's entries into Room 102. The download also reveals a release date for the new series of September 16th. You can read about Karl's previous entries into Room 102 here and discuss the clip on the forum here.


15 September 2008
The long wait for the highly anticipated Fifth Series of The Ricky Gervais Show is over! It is now available at and through iTunes. Chat with the excited forum (including *spoilers*) here.


Karl Blogology
9 September 2008
Our all-time favourite fella has written his third book and is starting a blog on his website as well. Karlology is due for release on 1 October and you can find the first blog entry on! Chat with the happy forum about the blog here.

Ricky disappointed Ghost Town.JPG

The (Box) Office
22 September 2008
Ghost Town debuted in American theatres this Friday and accumulated a modest $5.17 million to end up in 8th place at the weekend box office. More detailed information can be found here. Sunday night also saw Extras as well as The Office leave The Emmy Awards empty handed, failing to collect on any of their combined 14 nominations. In spite of the lacklustre weekend, hopefully Ricky keeps in mind these words from a recent interview, "Awards are fun. Money is nice. But nothing is more fun than me and Steve Merchant sitting in a room laughing about what we just said. Nothing comes close."

Karl PoliticsDVD 02.jpg

23 September 2008
Manchester's favourite son turns 36 today and Pilkipedia wishes him a right Happy Birthday and that. As it's his special day, we will all refrain from calling him a thick bald stupid round-headed lazy whinging Manc twat for the whole of the day, so... no calling him any of that. Alright. Add your lovely birthday messages on the forum here.


24 November 2008
The lanky goggle-eyed freak turns 34 this very day. Send audio tapes of the collected wartime speeches of Sir Winston Churchill to him in Hampstead and post your birthday greetings to him on his forum thread.


New Audiobook Preview
23 November 2008
A teaser for the upcoming audiobook on the subject of evolution has been posted on iTunes and on the latest entry of Ricky's blog.

New Audiobook Preview
1 December 2009
A teaser for audiobook about History on iTunes now!


New Audiobook Out Now
23 December 2008
The first in the new series of audiobooks from Ricky, Steve, and Karl, The Ricky Gervais Guide to... is out now. You can download the first episode, "Medicine," on iTunes (unless you’re in the UK, apparently). You can discuss the new audiobook on the forum here. Or you can complain about how you can’t get it yet here.



The Star of David Brent
30 March 2009
The world will soon see its eighth incarnation of the David Brent character, with the announcement of an Israeli version of The Office. This follows the British, French, German, American, Canadian, Chilean and soon to come Russian versions of the show and expands the franchising to the Middle East for the first time. Casting is yet to be finalised, but rumours suggest the lead will be played by a little fat bloke with a beard.

Karl head.jpg

Pilkipedia Presents: Life of Karl, the videogame
12 April 2009
Forum members CD1212 and sqlartist have created a magnificent side-scrolling platform game based on the life of our very own Karl Pilkington, available for free download from the Official Life of Karl website! See this forum topic for more information.


Oooh, chimpanzee that! A MONKEY NEWS QUIZ @
29 May 2009
Intent on keeping our trivia brains buzzing, the Karl fans at UK comedy channel Dave have created a fourth quiz, this time testing our knowledge of everyone's favourite feature, Monkey News. Test your knowledge here!


Pilkipedia Recommends: The Peacock and Gamble Podcast
09 June 2009
British comedians Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble, of the late Ray Peacock Podcast, recently started a new project called the Peacock and Gamble Podcast. "Why is this on Pilkipedia?" you may be asking; well, we just love all that these guys do, and think you might too! Subscribe on iTunes here and join the Facebook fan page here!


Karl's dictionary quizzage @
06 June 2009
The Pilkington aficionados at everyone's favourite British TV channel Dave are certainly on a roll with their fiendish quizzes; another week sees another upload, this time asking just how closely we pay attention to Karl's own verbal creations. Take the challenge here, then share your score with us on the forum!


BBC working with Gervais and Merchant on Office & Extras retrospectives
06 June 2009
Ricky has announced on his blog that a series of three and a half hour retrospectives, covering The Office and Extras, are currently in production. They will feature all the episodes of each of their award-winning shows, interspersed with celebrity interviews, deleted scenes and outtakes. For more information, check out this post on our forums.


Ricky Gervais Quiz @
25 June 2009
In celebration of Ricky's recent jubilations, the quiz kings of British comedy channel Dave have added a new RSK-themed delight to their expanding repertoire of trivia, this time featuring questions on multi-award winning and record-breaking comedian Ricky Gervais. Take the quiz here!


25 June 2009
Our favourite chubby funster turns forty-ei... another year older today and everyone at Pilkipedia wishes him many happy returns and much success in the year to come. Now what to get the man who has everything, more stuffed owls?


If You See a Trailer
26 June 2009
Ricky and Matt Robinson have announced on their blogs that the UK trailer for The Invention of Lying will be premiered this Friday on Yahoo! Keep an eye on this forum thread for a link to the preview and reactions from excited Pilkipedians. UPDATE - The trailer can now be viewed at


Da Fiennes Comedy
8th July 2009
A little teaser for Cemetery Junction from Gerv and Smerch can be found here on the MSN Movie Site, no footage from the film yet, but funny none the less, discuss it here.


And the nominees are...
26th July 2009
The nominations for the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards have recently been announced and Ricky Gervais' HBO comedy special, Out Of England, has received 3 nominations, including one for outstanding writing for the chubby funster himself. Be sure to tune in to the ceremony on 20 September 2009 to see if he can top last year's appearance.

Quentin Crisp.jpg

Lights, Camera, Blog
28th July 2009
Principal photography is winding down soon for Ricky and Steve's feature film, Cemetery Junction. It's good to see the boys still keep things rather professional judging from the recent photos on Ricky's blog. According to Ricky, we can (hopefully) expect a little cameo from our favourite shaved chimp as well.


Brett Pilkington
6th August 2009
Given how little we've heard from Karl since the end of the The Ricky Gervais Guide To... Series One, you may be forgiven for thinking Karl had adopted a disguise, changed his name to Brett and fled the country, but worry not! According to not only is a second series of the Guide to... audiobooks on the way, but the animated HBO series is also well into production, meaning we should be seeing plenty of our favourite shaved chimp come Autumn '09.


Bromantic Comedy
8th August 2009
In a teaser for their appearance on Channel 4's youth show T4 this Sunday (9th August) to promote the currently in post-production Cemetery Junction, Ricky reveals the difficulties romantic leads have playing opposite heartthrob Stephen Merchant. View the clip here


Little Ricky
8th August 2009
He may have grown upwards a little and out a lot, but the cheeky expression and parted hair are unmistakable. This picture of Ricky with his mum, dad and two siblings was revealed in The Sun newspaper as part of an article on Cemetery Junction, the full size picture can be seen here.


DOWNLOAD - T4 Interview
9th August 2009
The first part of Ricky and Steve's interview with Miquita Oliver is now online, you can watch it in HD on YouTube or download the video file in MP4 format from MegaUpload. Part two will be broadcast next Sunday.


Gervais on lying
9th August 2009
Guardian writer and psychologist Robert Feldman has obtained a quote from Ricky on the subject of telling fibs for an editorial piece analysing "the truth about lying", a subject oddly similar to Gervais' much-anticipated film The Invention of Lying. His contribution can be found at the end of this article.


Scared of Scots
10th August 2009
Giving us an insight into the world of stand-up comedy, Ricky has revealed to the Daily Record that he was made to fear Scottish audiences before starting his Animals tour in 2003. "Before I went there, people kept saying: 'Ooh, if they don't like you in Scotland, they'll let you know.' I was thinking: 'Jesus, what do they do? Is there a cage?' And they were the loveliest, most responsive crowds." Read the full article here.


Ricky's Blog - Week 79
11th August 2009
Ricky's weekly blog updates continue as he posts a lengthy entry for Week 79, August 2009, wherein he reveals information about a Sky One interview with modern dandy Alex Zane, provides us with details about the forthcoming BBC2 special "A Night At The Office", and links to the T4 interview available online. View the latest post here.


The Office Night - Trailer
12th August 2009
As if we weren't excited enough for the forthcoming BBC2 special dedicated to the cast reunion of The Office, Ricky has released a short teaser trailer on his website to hype us further. Featuring brief appearances by Martin Freeman, Mackenzie Crook, Lucy Davis, a host of celebrity names and of course Gerv & Smerch, it serves exclusively to wet our appetites. View it here on Ricky's front page.


"The Office: The Opera" coming soon
12th August 2009
The operatic adaptation of one of the world's most successful TV shows of all time, joked about in Ricky and Steve's Comic Relief 2009 sketch, is heading to the stage for a one-off extended public production. The gallery of Proud Camden in London will host "The Office: The Opera" on Wednesday August 19th, with all proceeds going to Comic Relief. Watch the original sketch here for a taster.


DOWNLOAD - T4 Interview
16th August 2009
PART TWO of Ricky and Steve's interview with Miquita Oliver is now online, you can watch it in HD on YouTube or download the video file in MP4 format from Mediafire. Part One can be found below.


Chimpanzee That! Blog News
15th August 2009
In his latest update Ricky reveals information on a series of Flanimals cards to be released in conjunction with Oxfam, all proceeds going to charity; Karl has recorded an introduction for Ricky's upcoming live tour Science; CBS show 60 Minutes have finished recording their special on Ricky and Steve's current hirsute look is temporary, the ginger moustache was grown for Cemetery Junction only.


In Case You Missed It!
August 25 2009
Ricky and Steve appeared in a short sketch to promote the upcoming retrospectives for The Office which will air this Sunday. Watch the new video here and discuss on the forum here. It is also available as a video podcast on iTunes. Also, expect some new Karl material soon; he recorded a video podcast with Ricky for Esquire and an exclusive video for iTunes.


Ricky on The One Show
August 29 2009
Ricky made an appearance on The One Show yesterday to promote the upcoming retrospectives for The Office which will air tomorrow. Watch part one here and part two here on YouTube. Feel free to discuss the show on the forum. For bonus footage of the retrospectives go to the BBC Comedy site.

Theoffice groupshot.jpg

A Night At The Office
August 30 2009
Remember to tune in to watch A Night At The Office tonight at 9:00 to see the BBC retrospective of Ricky and Steve's break through show. Each episode of the series will feature former cast members, celebrities, and Ricky and Steve themselves discussing the show. It also promises never before seen footage as they replay the first series tonight.