Paul Shepherd

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Paul Shepherd
Name Paul Shepherd
Job Unknown
First Episode Work Experience
Last Episode Work Experience
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Stephen Merchant

Paul Shepherd is a contact of David Brent's who left him 2 voice mail messages.


Season 1

While David spoke to Donna in his office, he checked out his messages on his phone's answering machine. The first of three messages was from Paul Shepherd who had rang requesting David give him a call, David joked to Donna by yelling "No!" to the phone. The third message was also from Paul Shepherd who believed David had not received his first message. David again joked by yelling at the phone "Leave me alone" and picked up the phone and pretended to throw it out the window but dropping it on his floor by accident. (Work Experience)


  • Paul Shepherd's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 1.
  • Stephen Merchant also played the character Oggy in 3 episodes.
  • It is never revealed why Paul wanted David Brent to phone him back.

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