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Pilkipedia:Babel is a collection boxes which users can apply to their user pages. It is based on the Wikipedia Babel which was originally developed to help multi-lingual users of contact each other. It has since also become a means in which users decorate their users pages with facts about themselves.

To start off, type {{babeltop}} on your user page. Put the babel boxes directly underneath that. Finish up by typing |} underneath the last box. Put the actual content of your user page underneath the babel to maintain a clean look.

Babel Boxes


Babel Project.png This user is working on Project: Pilkipedia.

RV This user often finds and reverts vandalism.


CTB This user has contributed to the following pages.


ADM This user is a wiki admin.



This user is 74 years old.
{{Babel:Age|type your age here}}

Globe.png This user lives in
{{Babel:Location|Type where you live here}}

WEB This user has a website.

{{Babel:Website|Your URL Here}}

Babel Lastfm.jpg This user has a
Last.fm page.
{{Babel:Lastfm|Your Last.fm screename here}}


Babel Ricky.png This user's favourite is Ricky Gervais.

Babel Steve.png This user's favourite is Stephen Merchant.


Babel Karl.png This user's favourite is Karl Pilkington.