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Name Rowan
Job Training Facilitator
First Episode Training
Last Episode Training
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Vincent Franklin

Rowan is training facilitator who arrives at Wernham Hogg's Slough office to administer team-work building training. He is progressively frustrated by David Brent's attempts to undermine and take control of a team training session, often forcing it to veer off track.


Series 1

Rowan attempts several exercises to demonstrate points to the staff, such as role-play and problem solving, however David Brent often tends to take control of the sessions. After David Brent has steered the session into a discussion of his musical career, accompanied by live performances of songs, Rowan declares it's time for lunch. (Training)

When Tim Canterbury decides to quit his job mid-session, Rowan also realises that he's wasting his time trying and leaves. (Training)


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