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Name Sanj
Job Role Unknown, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Downsize
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Paul Sharma

Sanj is introduced to Ricky Howard by David Brent when the former is given a tour of Wernham Hogg's Slough office.


Season 1

David Brent introduces Ricky Howard to Sanj stating that Sanj does the best Ali G impression. When Sanj noted that he doesn't, David realises he must've meant "the other one" to which Sanj points out that Brent means "the other paki". Brent responds pointing out that that is racist. (Downsize)


  • Sanj's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 1.
  • Since Sanj was never seen again it is likely he was made redundant as part of the incorporation of the Swindon branch.
  • In Merger, when David is accused of being racist he points out that they used to have a little indian fella work in the office, but he didn't like it there so left.
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