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Episode 10
It's only Chris Martin from Coldplay
Episode no. 10
Original airdate 05 October 2006
Written by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Directed by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Guest stars Chris Martin
Richard Briers
Ronnie Corbett
Stephen Fry
Davina McCall
Moira Stewart

The fourth episode of the second series of Extras.



While shooting a charity promo, Andy meets Chris Martin who suggests that he should guest star as himself on When The Whistle Blows. Andy is reluctant; he doesn’t feel it is realistic for a rock star to stop by a factory in Wiggen. Yet Damon is excited about it so, once again, Andy submits and gets more criticism for it. Darren calls Andy in for a meeting to let him know that he has been nominated for a BAFTA for Best Comedic Performance. Darren also informs him that a company will be making a talking Ray Stokes doll. Andy takes Maggie to the awards ceremony where he runs into an ex-girlfriend. He lets Maggie know that he dumped her because she was boring. During the ceremony, while Richard Briers is speaking, Darren arrives late with a prototype of the Ray doll. He immediately opens it but the talking mechanism malfunctions and it repeats the catchphrase over and over and they cannot turn it off. So Richard Briers stops his speech, comes up to Andy and Darren and smashes the doll. While in the restroom, Maggie sees Andy’s ex, and she wastes no time telling her that Andy thought she was boring. Andy doesn’t win the award; he loses to Stephen Fry who gives him some advice in the restroom about his laughter track and silly glasses. Andy also runs into Darren and Ronnie Corbett doing cocaine in the stall. The three of them get caught and are banned from ever winning a BAFTA or attending any BAFTA events. To make matters worse, during an acceptance speech, Andy’s ex-girlfriend embarrasses him by announcing that he lost his virginity at 28 to a woman who looked like Ronnie Corbett.


  • Chris Martin: This screen, you gonna project anything on that?
    Woman: Oh, we don’t know yet, we’re not quite sure.
    Chris Martin: Ok, cause we have an album coming out, Greatest Hits. Maybe just put the picture of the album cover on it. Just simple.
    Woman: Oh uh, I think probably if we’re gonna project anything we’ll show, sort of, pictures of people dying because of a lack of clean water.
    Chris Martin: Could they be holding the album?
  • Chris Martin: Can we get on with this? I’ve got to do AIDS and Alzheimers and landmines this afternoon and I wanna get back for Deal Or No Deal. Plus Gwyneth’s making drumsticks.
  • Darren: Calm down. Muffin?
    Andy: No.
    Darren: Have a lovely bit of muffin.
    Andy: I don’t want any.
    Darren: Do you mind if I have a little bit of muffin?
    A lovely bit of muffin.

    Andy: No.
    Darren: Thank you. (presses intercom) Barr?
    Barry: Yeah.
    Darren: I’m having the muffin.
    Barry: I’ll come through.
    Andy: Why is this an event?
    Darren: He’s excited. Lovely bit of muffin.
    Barry: (to muffin) Hello, you.
  • Maggie: Will there be photographers there?
    Andy: Probably.
    Maggie: What if I fall or dribble something down my front?
    Andy: What are you, a toddler?
  • Ronnie Corbett: Just a bit of whizz, you know? To blow away the cob-webs.
  • Andy’s Ex: I’d just like to say to Andy Millman, right, I may be boring but at least I didn’t lose my virginity when I was 28 to a woman who looked like Ronnie fucking Corbett. Prick!


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