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Episode 9
The offer still stands...
Episode no. 9
Original airdate 28 September 2006
Written by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Directed by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Guest stars Daniel Radcliffe
Diana Rigg
Warwick Davis

The third episode of the second series of Extras.



Darren has landed Andy a role in a film with Daniel Radcliffe. He also got Maggie some extra work in the film so he wouldn’t be alone on the set. During filming, Daniel Radcliffe approaches Maggie and tries to chat her up and impress her with his fags and condoms. Andy confides in Maggie that he is annoyed that Warwick Davis, a dwarf who is also appearing in the film, has such an attractive fiancé and he figures that if she had the choice, she would choose Andy over him. Maggie of course, feels the need to tell Warwick’s girlfriend this information. Andy takes Maggie out to a nice restaurant and gets annoyed by a loud child so he tells the waitress to get the woman to shut her kid up. Yet Andy is not aware that the woman’s son has Down syndrome. The next morning, the paparazzi are waiting for Andy outside of his home to get a statement but they don’t listen to him and twist the story around. Andy is able to sort out the situation by buying the kid an Xbox and Darren goes further by donating half of Andy’s fee, after agency deductions, for his current film to a charity chosen by the boy’s mother. Later on the set, word gets back to Warwick about what Andy said to Maggie and he confronts Andy looking for a fight. Andy inadvertently kicks Warwick in the face trying to avoid the fight and this latest scandal makes it to the newspapers while his generous gift of an Xbox gets overlooked.


  • Daniel Radcliffe: I’ve done it with a girl.
    Maggie: What?
    Daniel Radcliffe: I’ve done it, with a girl. Intercourse wise.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Can I have my Johnny back?
    Diana Rigg: May I have my Johnny back?
    Daniel Radcliffe: May I have my Johnny back?
    Diana Rigg: Please.
  • Maggie: The only person with money that finds me attractive is a teenage boy.
    Andy: It could be worse, he’s a film star, he’s got his own condom.
  • Darren: And the thing is he didn’t realize that the kid was, you know, mentally deranged or whatever, because he could only see him from behind. And I defy anyone to be able to identify from behind, you know, one of these mongoloids.
  • Darren: (reads) ”TV bully kicks dwarf in face.”
    Andy: Accurate, but as you say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
    Darren: (reads) “Pick on someone your own size, fatty.”
    Andy: Oh, maybe there is.



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