Stuart Foot

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Stuart Foot
Stuart Foot.JPG
Name Stuart Foot
Job None
First Episode New Girl
Last Episode New Girl
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Robin Ince

Stuart Foot was an applicant for the job as David Brent's secretary. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to get the job as David had already made a decision to hire Karen Roper long before the interview.


Series 1

Stuart Foot was one of two people who arrived at Wernham Hogg's Slough office for an interview to be David Brent's secretary. The other; Karen Roper instantly caught the eye of Brent merely because she was a woman. (New Girl)

Brent interviewed Stuart first to "get him out of the way". As the interview commenced, Brent made no effort to hide the fact he had no interest in hiring Stuart for the position. Stuart tried to make small talk by discussing lyrics to a Des'ree song Brent had printed off and pinned up on the wall, which led to Brent singing the song to him. (New Girl)


  • Stuart Foot's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 1.
  • Stuart Foot is played by Robin Ince, friend of Ricky Gervais who regularly supports Ricky on his stand-up tours.
  • Stuart Foot doesn't think he's heard Crazy Maze by Des'ree.
  • It is unknown what the future held for Stuart Foot, whether he was plagued to a life of attending doomed interviews or if he would eventually one day get the covetted job of secretary.
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