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Suzanne is Karl's longtime girlfriend. She is a producer for the football programme Match of the Day, and also worked on the 2006 World Cup.

Suzanne and Karl

The couple met while they were working at Key 103, a radio station in Manchester. She gave Karl 20p for hot chocolate, and later he did some editing for her and she bought him another hot chocolate. "Next thing I know, she's livin' with me" said Karl. Ricky joked that because Karl hasn't spent any money on Suzanne in eleven years, he's at least 40p up.

Suzanne's hand.
No, we're not mental.
Suzanne generally puts up with Karl and they seem to have quite a happy relationship. There was one noted estrangement however, when Suzanne was said to be angry at Karl after he told her that her haircut made her look like Dave Hill from Slade and then proceeded to talk about it at length on the radio. Things worsened the following week when Karl said that Suzanne would be out of town and he could talk about her "fat arse" if he liked. By way of apology, Karl bought her a new coat and offered to pay for a new haircut.

Famously, Karl once gave Suzanne a bulk package of condoms for Christmas, wrapped in wallpaper. Another Christmas, she received the camera Karl had been given for his leaving gift after working 10 years at Xfm. He also once bought her a "posh badge" (presumably a brooch) she wanted for a birthday.

There are several occasions on which Karl has suggested Suzanne would like to be married and have children, but Karl is not interested. For example, when a friend of Suzanne's had a baby, Karl didn't want Ricky and Steve to talk about it because Suzanne might get ideas. Regarding marriage, Karl has said "Who's it for, at the end of the day?" and is worried about the fact that you have to look happy for a whole day.

Karl's ability to find and keep a girlfriend has been met by amazement by listeners to the Ricky Gervais Show Podcast.