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A right load of tweets
1st July 2013

Pilkipedia's social media has been kicking into high gear as of late. Click on the icons on the left to "like" our Facebook page, or to follow us on Twitter as we expand our efforts to spread The Gospel of Karl to the furthest reaches of the little roundy globe. And, of course, there's always the PilkipediaTV channel on YouTube!


Steve Merchant teases
10th June 2013

Steve Merchant and HBO have teamed up to turn the goggle-eyed funnyman's "Hello Ladies" stand-up tour into a sitcom. The show will follow the exploits of Stuart, a man looking for love or the temporary biological equivalent. It is scheduled to air in September, and last night HBO released the first "teaser" for the program, in which he and mate Wade attempt to chat up women in a bar.

You can watch the trailer and tell us what you thought on the forum.


Welcome to the world, kid...this is Karl Pilkington
1st June 2013

Well-traveled Karl Pilkington will be continuing his adventures in Sky1's "The Moaning Of Life", slated to air in the fall of this year. According to early press releases, the five-part series "will take Karl all around the world as he encounters different cultures and examines how they handle 'life's big issues', while he faces his own mortality and future."

Apparently he's already faced one of the biggest issues, having helped deliver a baby in Indonesia.

Yes. Karl helped deliver a baby.

Excited? Delighted? Disgusted? Share your thoughts on the forum.


Be Round...Rewound
1st May 2013

It's time for our once-every-few-year Pilkipedia Rewind. Forum members started with the pre-Karl Pilkington Xfm shows and are currently giving a listen to the weekly shows that started it all. We'll be taking several months to listen to the catalog of radio programmes, podcasts, and audiobooks. Join us in the forum to join in on the fun! (Please note: we do not provide links to copyrighted programming.)


Biddily Biddily Biddily Bong
18th March 2013

Our thoughts: "Absolutely outstanding. The best thing he's done in YEARS. Loved every single thing about it." "Absolutely hilarious from beginning to end." "That was great! I won't be able to get Equality Street out of my head for a while, but I'm okay with that strangely." "I enjoyed this a lot. "Rum & coke? Red Stripe? Lilt?" - that was masterful."

The return of Brent was a massive hit with us, but what did you think?

Let us know your thoughts via the Forum, Twitter or Facebook!


Derek: Series Review
7th March 2013
"The Office and Extras are truly my favourite live-action TV comedies. So when Life's Too Short came around I was very much anticipating the show, and in the end I found it to be silly, stupid, and forgettable. I did enjoy catching each episode, once I got used to what the show was, but in no way have I ever wanted to revisit the series. Nor can I even name my favourite recurring character. I pretty much disliked them all.

So coming off of Life's Too Short, I realized that Steve and Ricky were capable of highs, but they were also very much capable of lows. Then came the announcement of Derek. Given the disappointment that was Life's Too Short, and the fact that Derek was a solo Ricky project, my expectations were lowered and I hoped for the best but wasn't expecting anything that matched Office or Extras. All I knew of Derek was the old short film, which was always a favourite of mine..."

Continued here: Derek Series Review


Wiki Gervais
7th March 2013

As you may well know, the hub of Pilkipedia.co.uk has always been our extensive wiki covering every aspect of Ricky, Steve and Karl's work. As well as episode pages for each and every Xfm show and podcast we also have pages on The Office, Extras, Life's Too Short, Derek and much much more. We have recently held a "Wiki Week" designed to ensure we stay as up to date as possible and are always on the look out for volunteers wanting to expand the world's knowledge of RSK. If you would like to do you bit, check out the Wiki thread on the forum for more details.


David Brent Rises
February 28th 2013

Ricky has today announced via a YouTube video the return of his most iconic character, everyone's least favourite boss David Brent. The return is part of the upcoming Comic Relief extravaganza and you can check out the preview here. Although Brent briefly appeared in the American office as part of Michael Scott's farewell episodes, this is the first time since the 2003 Christmas specials that we've seen The Brentmeister General in action. Are you excited to find out what Brent's been up to in the intervening years? Share your thoughts with us on the forum.


Derek: A Review of Half an Episode
February 27th 2013

"As a self-professed RSK mega-fan since early 2007, I, like others, anticipated greatly the debut of Derek on Channel 4. After the promising pilot aired early last year, followed by a more than fair opening to this season’s run, things looked bright for the series, and more importantly, for everyone’s favourite (former) chubby funster, Ricky Gervais himself, after the critical disaster that was Warwick Davis vehicle “Life’s Too Short”. Was the ill-fated dwarf-umentary merely a blip in an otherwise strong creative resumé, or had Gervais’ creative powers started to wane, revealing him as a one-trick pony unable to escape the comfort zone he repeatedly returned to?"

Continued here: Derek: A Review of Half an Episode


Derek: Episode 4
February 21st 2013

"The first eight minutes of Derek are a pleasant mixture of occasionally funny yet somewhat random sketches. At which point the baddie-of-the-week turns up to let us know that Hannah is wonderful and selfless and other people are cartoonish villains who feel the need to say any tactless comment that comes to mind, despite being in the company of complete strangers and a documentary crew..."

Continued here: Derek: Episode 4


Froggy says donate!
February 19th 2013

Self-proclaimed Derek fanatic and new Pilkipedia forum member, Tadpole Hitler, recently brought to our attention a charity project he has set up to help "Friends of the Elderly."

Tadpole Hitler's fan site, TadpoleHitler.com, has achieved some overnight success and won favour with the man himself, Gervais, for its efforts to promote the new comedy. The website now features an exclusive interview with our own favourite bald Manc, as well as other members of the cast and crew of Derek, and we hear there is yet more to come.

But rather than "rest on his laurels," Tadpole Hitler is using the site's traffic and popularity to raise awareness for the charities that support struggling elderly citizens, and we say "bravo".


Third time's the charm - A review
February 14th 2013

by Jake (Jenson's Beard) Fleming @JensonsBeard

After an average first episode, and a very messy second one, it seems like Derek has finally found its stride with a much funnier, sweeter episode than the previous two.

Though this week's edition began with another lame scene involving Kev, it quickly picked up with some amusing moments involving Derek and a far more believable story arc featuring Marge. Though there was a degree of sentimentality in this episode, it didn't feel anywhere near as forced as the rather bizarre ending to the second episode.

One of the gripes regarding the first two episodes was that Derek hadn't really been a part of the show much, either in the plot or in any of the comical scenes. However, there were three big scenes in the episode that allowed the titular character to enjoy a few legitimately funny moments, including an example of Derek's rather sweet naivety when he calls an ambulance to save a baby bird. While Derek's scenes didn't have me belly-laughing, they were a vast improvement on the awkward attempts at slapstick seen in the pilot, which was probably the last time we really saw Derek involved in a comedy scene.

The episode is held together by the story involving Marge, one of the elderly residents. Her daughter comes to visit... Read More

Ricky wheelie.jpg

Dashing Hope? The Derek Story - A review
February 8th 2013

by Barry Murphy @BarryLadTweets

I wanted to like this show, I really, really did. I thought the pilot was a fabulous effort, and was genuinely touching. As it turns out, that probably should have just been a stand-alone short film of sorts.

This was just bad. On a few levels.

Several of my main gripes have been mentioned in the Derek forum, but the show in general is just not as clever as it thinks it is. It's a mess of try-hard sentiment and mixed messages. In one episode it wants to play the "it doesn't matter if I'm autistic/different card" and in the next it goes to "why did you give him (this 50 YEAR OLD man) alcohol?!". This sequence effectively treated Derek like he was a 16 year old autistic, and Hannah was his mum. Similarly, it wants to preach about Derek: how "kindness is magic" and "it doesn't matter if I'm autistic", but much of this episode's humour was derived from mocking doddery old farts for being thick and senile. Then, to pile on the insults, the closing credit sequence was a weird montage of the residents in their youth; the latest "oh aren't we really deep" sentiment this show has tried to force on the audience with all the subtlety of a brick up the urethra. Leaving aside the hypocrisy of those credits - because you could argue that making fun of them earlier was just a way of contrasting what they are with what they were - why was this even in the show? It really wasn't a focal point of the episode at all, so more than anything else I found myself asking "wait... what? Why?"

Read More


Pilkipedia presents: the LoudySpeak Podcast Network
February 5th 2013

One exciting aspect of Pilkipedia is the creation of LoudySpeak, a network of audio and video podcasts largely designed by - but not just for - Pilkipedians. This week, content providers have stepped up to provide lots of original material...all for free!

You can listen to audio podcasts of the wrestling standby ChairShot Podcast, forum favorite KABBB, political talk with The Logicast, and two separate-but-equal film review programs: MovieGuff and Jeff and Tom watch films.

Video content includes the stellar video game program B, A, START, Pilkipedia's original comedy show huitlacoche, and another great film review program, it's_a_podcast.

We hope you enjoy this content! If you'd like to host your own podcast, contact this gentleman here.


Here a twaa, there a twaaaaaaa...
February 3rd 2013

Karl Pilkington fans around the globe have had much to celebrate this week. In the Americas, the third episode of An Idiot Abroad 3 has aired on The Science Channel. In this episode, The Squozen One and his enthusiastic 3'6" cohort Warwick Davis travel to new heights in the Far East as they complete their journey together.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday, the second episode of Derek airs on Channel Four. While the show itself is receiving mixed reviews in the forum, the general consensus is that Karl's performance shines.

Would you like to discuss these shows and other topics? Log in to our forum!


Derek promising, Pilkington perfect
January 31st 2013

Review by Jack “mars bah bah bah” Scrine - @mangrovejackson

The opening paragraph of this review is being penned on Jan. 29; about 24 hours before the airing of Ricky Gervais’s latest project Derek, the story of a dim (but not mentally challenged, have no fear) and loveable man played by Gervais, with permanently clenched teeth, a dopey look on his face, and a heart of gold. He works at a nursing home alongside a cast of boring yet noble, lovable yet humble characters. I, like many, am nervous for this series. Life’s Too Short, despite what Gervais will say otherwise, was his weakest ever work. Initial reviews are panning Derek as even worse.

There is hope, because the Derek pilot was great. As far as I was concerned, it subtly navigated that path between bland tragedy and comedy that first got Gervais to make me spill tears and laugh in the same breath. And I did again at the end of Derek’s pilot episode. Derek’s fall into the nursing home pond caused a belly laugh; and was a throwback to a story Gervais once told about his dear old mum falling into a pond full of leeches many years ago. It was the kind of moment that rewarded long-term fans of the man and his stories.


Derek 3.jpg

There's Something About Derek
January 29th 2013
The series premiere of Derek, the Channel Four show based on the character of Derek Noakes created by Ricky Gervais back in 2001, will air on Channel Four this Wednesday at 10pm.

Karl Pilkington will co-star throughout the series.

The pilot of the series, which aired in April of last year, was generally enjoyed by the forum, but initial critical reviews of the series itself have been negative. Gervais has pointed out that The Office received "bad press" in its early days. Judge for yourself and let us know what your thoughts are on the forum.

Karl Taj.jpg

Game of Moans
January 22nd 2013
Sky1 have announced that Karl Pilkington will star in a new travel show, The Moaning of Life.

The five-part series, slated to air in autumn 2013, will take Karl all around the world as he encounters different cultures and examines how they handle "life's big issues", while he faces his own mortality and future.

Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant will be not involved in this project.

Get all the latest information in the forum.

Aia s03e02.jpg

An Idiot Abroad Abroad
January 16th 2013
The American broadcast premiere of An Idiot Abroad 3: The Short Way Round is 9pm Eastern time on Saturday, January 19.

The three-part series features Karl Pilkington and 3'6" travel partner Warwick Davis loosely following Marco Polo's from Italy to China. The pairing of Pilkington and Davis highlights the difference in perspective between the two, and increases the emotional contrast as they struggle through the various challenges of the journey.

Also Karl dances.

Let us know what you think on the forum.


Advertise with Pilkipedia
December 6th 2012
Pilkipedia is now offering a premium advertising package to companies, websites and private services interested in having their banner seen by our ever-increasing audience.

Up until recently, we were funded by an advertising system provided by Google, called Adsense, which ran banners along the left-hand side of our main page, and along the bottom of our message boards. A few months ago these were taken away from us without warning, leaving us reliant on donations from generous regulars to keep us afloat. As such, we have decided to reuse the exact same space previously given to Google Adsense, for public advertising, so that we may continue to grow as the biggest Karl Pilkington fansite in the world. Please rest assured that all money received will be put back into maintaining and expanding the website.

For more information, and for how to apply to advertise with us, please follow this link to our advertising page.


An Idiot Abroad 3: Round 1
December 2nd 2012
The much anticipated first installment of the three-part "An Idiot Abroad: The Short Way Round" featuring Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis has aired on Sky.

The show chronicles Pilkington and Davis loosely following Marco Polo's from Italy to China. Fans of the Xfm programme will recognize one particular stunt, and enjoy the interplay between the K-man, Warwick, and puppetmaster Gervais.

Have you watched the show? Let us know what you thought on the forum.


November 5th 2012
US television network HBO has ordered 8 episodes of Stephen Merchant's new comedy Hello Ladies.

The new show, based on Steve's 2011 standup tour of the same name, will feature Merchant's character trying to pick up ladies in Los Angeles. Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky will serve as executive producers for the show, best known for their work on the US version of The Office.

With both Ricky's and Steve's solo efforts forthcoming, which show are you more excited about? Let us know on our forum.


A shortage of Karl
October 23rd 2012
It won't be long before late November, the listed date for Sky1 to debut "An Idiot Abroad 3: The Short Way Round" featuring our friend Karl Pilkington and diminutive travel companion Warwick Davis. Sky1 have posted two promotional clips, which can be viewed in the forum here and here. If you thought Karl's dancing in Egypt was good, wait until you see his "Manc Jackson" under Warwick's direction!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the forum.


Ricky chats up New York
October 16th 2012
Ricky Gervais will be appearing in the appropriately-titled "A Conversation With Ricky Gervais" at the New York Comedy Festival on Wednesday, November 7, hosted by Comedy Central. Jon Hodgman of The Daily Show (and "PC" in the Apple Mac commercials) will be conducting the interview. The show begins at 8pm Eastern time. For additional information or to purchase tickets, click here.

Planning on attending? Let us know your thoughts on the forum.


It's a signage! Karl's ongoing book-signing tour
October 4th 2012
Karl's second tour date is October 6th, where he'll be at the Trafford Center, Trafford Park, Manchester, in his little 70s caravan signing his brand new book, The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad.

This time, however, a wristband is needed to enter; this can be received with a purchase of the book from WH Smith at Selfridges in the Trafford Center, from October 1st. For more information, visit the book tour's official website.

Once again we'd love to see your pictures and hear your stories.

Have you bought The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad yet? Let us know what you think on our forum.

Karl palin.jpg

When Pilkington Met Palin
September 23rd 2012
Our friends over at Shortlist have released the first part of an exclusive one-on-one chat featuring one of the most prolific, experienced travel writers of all time...and Michael Palin. In this three minute video, the two travelers discuss the importance of sampling the local cuisine. Karl has made his thoughts on this subject very clear, stating, "as nice as that looks, it's still a squid bollock". Check out the full video here.

Have you bought The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad yet? Let us know what you think on our forum.


An Idiot... in a caravan?! Karl's book-signing tour!
September 20th 2012
This one's for Pilkington fans across the UK. Karl will soon be taking to the streets of Britain on his most challenging aventure yet: meeting and greeting his army of fans. We here at Pilkipedia are very much aware of the enormous support he's received from his viewers and listeners around the world; now is your chance to see that perfectly round head in person. In anticipation for the release of his new book, The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad. Karl will be going back to his roots, shacking up in a vintage '70s caravan to hold signings up and down the UK. It all kicks off this weekend, Saturday 22nd September from 1-5pm, at the ASDA Superstore, Watford, with further dates planned in Manchester and more to come later. For more information, visit the tour's official website.

Be sure to stay tuned to Pilkipedia for more information on future tour dates, as well as some exciting news regarding The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad.


Dysgu Saesneg gyda Ricky Gervais!
August 13th 2012
Ricky has released the first episode of the new "Learn English with Ricky Gervais" video podcast, the first edition is subtitled in Welsh and can be downloaded on iTunes. The lads are back to help all those Welsh people out there who struggle to ask for milky tea or buy kippers, when visiting England.