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Name Tony
Job Role Unknown, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Merger
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 8
Portrayed by Tony MacMurray


Series 2

Tony notoriously left his phone turned on during David Brent's introductory speech. Tony was later present when David Brent told a joke about a black man's cock. (Merger)

Tony made no effort to hide his preference of former boss Neil Godwin to David, however he did go to a pub lunch with David and some of the staff. (Appraisals)

Tony was playing darts with Oliver when David Brent arrived and asked them how old they thought he was. Tony said 40 which offended Brent who insisted he looked 30. (Party)

Tony was later one of the first people David told about being recruited to give motivational speeches. (Party)


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