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Series 2

Trudy reported David Brent to Jennifer Taylor-Clarke for making racist jokes and pointed out to David that black people are not the only people who can get offended by racism. (Merger)

Trudy made no effort to hide her lack of respect for David Brent or his style of management when David asked the Swindon lot how they were settling in. (Appraisals)

For her birthday, Trudy received a dildo that later found it's way into David Brent's office. Later that day, the office celebrated her birthday with cake and alcohol. Trudy got drunk and began giving everyone birthday kisses and flirting. However, she did not give David Brent one. While flirting with Oliver, Gareth Keenan offered to do her from behind. David told her later she was an embarrassment when she told Brent he'd let himself go. That evening, Chris Finch did her from behind in the carpark. (Party)


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