True Bathroom Story

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Parl Kilkington: True Bathroom Story is a comic book story created by Campbel1. It re-tells the story told by Karl in Podcast Series 1, Episode 11 about a childhood relationship between himself and a girl. The comic consists of 38 pictures on 19 slides.


  • After a question was sent into the show (from Kevin) asking if Karl has been in any fights or brawls, Karl remembers one fight from his childhood that was over a girl at school.
  • At the age of 7, Karl was going out with a girl who had taken a shine to him. According to Karl, she was quite good looking and everybody liked her.
  • At a school disco, Karl saw his girlfriend with a group of others playing spin the bottle. When Karl wandered over to find out what was going on, he accidently stood on her dress and put a hole in it.
  • She started crying, but Karl showed no sympathy. Karl, thinking "I can't be doing with this" tells her its over.
  • As he went to the toilet, his friend (who fancied her) followed him in and tells him "you're out of order".
  • They got into a fight in the toilets. There was "a bit of wrestling and shoving about" and Karl accidently chips his friend's tooth on a sink.
  • Later Karl went into a school assembly, where a police man was doing a presentation saying "Listen kids, don't get into trouble because we're out there and we'll get ya."
  • His friend came in. Questions were asked, but "the coppers didn't get involved."

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